Clarion University Of Pennsylvania

Clarion University Of Pennsylvania
909 East Wood Street

Clarion University seeks to excel in all that it does and challenges students to develop their talents, extend their intellectual capacities and interests, expand their creative abilities, and to develop a respect and enthusiasm for learning that will extend throughout their lives. The university acknowledges that learning requires a partnership demanding hard work by students, faculty, and staff, and that learning extends beyond the classroom. The university community is dedicated to helping students see in themselves what they may become by creating opportunities to develop the knowledge, skill, and attitudes necessary for both enlightened citizenship and successful participation in a technologically advanced, global society.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania will serve the Commonwealth ever more effectively as a high quality, dynamic, technologically advanced, publicly owned university dedicated to advancing knowledge with a focus on learning and collaborating with educational and business partners. Clarion University will be accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, accountable to its many constituencies, and actively engaged in the continuous improvement of its programs, services, faculty, and staff. Above all, Clarion University will prepare students to succeed in the global economy, to contribute to the economic and social well-being of the Commonwealth and the nation, to play constructive roles in their communities, and to lead productive and meaningful lives, including a passion for continuous learning.

We believe in the learning potential of all our students who are willing to invest hard work in the pursuit of their education.
We are committed as a faculty, staff, and administration to creating opportunities for all our students to achieve success beyond their own expectations within an environment that cultivates tolerance, civility, and respect.
We value the individual relationship between student and faculty as central to the learning process and recognize the contributions of staff in providing the necessary support for that endeavor.
We believe that we exist to serve the needs of all people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to advance higher education as a public good.
We are committed to advancing our relationships with the larger communities of which we are a part.