Clinico's mission is to provide high quality spay/neuter services at a reasonable price for low income pet owners. 

Thanks to a generous grant from Found Animals, there is a limited time promotion available to low income owners of cats and pit bulls/pit mixes in Wilmington (90744), San Pedro (90731), and Harbor City (90710) - $10 surgeries for all cats and $25 surgeries for pit bulls and pit mixes - for a limited time.  This offer is also available to at the Pico Rivera location to residents of Pico Rivera (90660) and Bell Gardens (90201).

At a time when the economy has caused many residents to overlook sterilizing their pets, Clinico offers low cost spay/neuter to all Los Angeles area pet owners.  Thanks to a generous grant from PetSmart Charities®, even lower subsidized pricing is available to anyone with an annual income below $40,000.  Clinico also accepts vouchers and coupons from a variety of organizations, including Los Angeles Animal Services, which can bring costs down even further.  Clinico's current low income prices (prior to application of any coupons or vouchers) are:

  • Cat Neuter (male) $35, Cat Spay (female) $45
  • Dog Neuter (male) $50, Dog Spay (female) $70

In addition to spay/neuter, other services provided at additional cost and only at the time of surgery include: pain medication, vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, ear mite treatment, FelV FlV testing for cats and micro-chipping services.  Clinico employs only top Veterinary staff, utilizing state of the art equipment and offering the highest quality services available.

Appointments are required for all surgeries and pet owners should call Clinico at 1-888-WE-SPAY-LA or 310-241-0768 to make an appointment.  More information is available at


By ensuring that pet owners have access to affordable sterilization services, Clinico aims to reduce shelter intake and euthanasia in the Los Angeles area.  Avoiding accidental litters is a key strategy for reducing shelter intake and euthanasia.  Spaying and neutering animals also offers health benefits to the animals.

The high quality, low cost services offered by Clinico are an important new option for Los Angeles residents who want to sterilize their pets.  Clinico opened its first clinic, in Pico Rivera, just over one year ago and opened a second clinic, in San Pedro, in May 2009.