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Coffing Brothers Orchard

Coffing Brothers Orchard
3400 South Coffing Brothers Road

In 1907, JD Coffing, Homer Coffing, and Fred Coffing bought the land near Covington, Indiana with a vision in mind. This vision consisted of fields full of lush apple trees and crisp, sweet apples perfect for eating and baking. In 1910, the brothers planted these apple trees and their vision became a reality as our family's apple orchard business got its start. Since then, Coffing Brothers Orchard has seen over four generations of change. From a stationary spraying system and storage crates to a tractor-pulled spraying system and controlled atmosphere (CA) storage, our techniques for storing and cleaning the apples have improved over the years. The owners of Coffing Brothers have changed quite a bit too. Family business partners came and went over time to create their own legacies. Fred Coffing, one of the original founders, even went on to build the Coffing Hoist in 1918, a device used for lifting heavy cargo that is still used worldwide today!