Coldbrook Christian Church

1428 State Highway 164

About Us:

At Coldbrook Christian Church, its all about Jesus Christ.  This is His church and we stand on His Holy Word for all instruction.

We believe that Jesus Christ came to earth as God's Son, fully divine and also fully human, in order to obey the will of the Father and die for the sins of mankind.  It is only through faith in Jesus Christ by his grace that we can we can attain eternal life and be saved from eternal judgment.

Just as the Holy Spirit filled Christ during His earthly ministry and was the power for all that He did, we too, who are believers in Him, also possess the Holy Spirit and have been enabled through His power to tell the world about Jesus and to carry out God's will for our lives.

All people all called to come to Jesus and repent of their sin. Jesus rejects no one who comes to Him. Instead, all who believe in Him have been "born again."  Their once dead spirit has now been made alive.  They are declared "not guilty" in God's sight because their sins have now been payed for by the blood of Jesus.  The wrath of God that was upon them has been satisfied by the sacrifice of Christ.

Therefore, we have been called to live lives of holiness and to cast away all worldliness and sin.  Every Sunday we observe communion as a reminder of the sacrifice that Christ gave for us.  The bread represents his broken body on the cross and the cup represents the blood that he shed for us.  Every Sunday we are reminded of His sacrifice and every Sunday we are called to repentance. 

We carry on this mission to see people come to Jesus, repent of their sin, believe in Him as Lord and Savior, and see them grow into full disciples of Christ as we eagerly await His return to this earth!