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College of Staten Island

2800 Victory Boulevard


The College of Staten Island, one of the 11 senior colleges of The City University of New York, is, like the University, committed to both access and excellence. This double commitment is especially critical given CSI's status as the only public college on Staten Island and the one instance in which CUNY is represented in a borough by one unit alone. The College offers the associate degree in selected areas, a comprehensive range of baccalaureate programs, selected master's programs, and, in cooperation with the CUNY Graduate Center, doctoral programs.

The College of Staten Island's remarkable campus, with its superb laboratories, studios, and classrooms, serves the pivotal endeavors of teaching and research that promote discovery and dissemination of knowledge while developing human minds and spirits.

The College's faculty, administration, and staff practice their commitment to educational excellence as they instill in students preparing to enter their chosen careers an enduring love of learning, a sensitivity to pluralism and diversity, a recognition of their responsibility to work for the common good, and an informed respect for the interdependence of all people.