Colorado City Unified School Disrict

Utah-Arizona state Highway

Colorado City Unified School Disrict is located on the Utah-Arizona state line just west of Colorado City, Arizona. Settled in the 1870's, Hildale, Utah, - Colorado City, Arizona area was abandon when Navajos killed two brothers and their wives. Berry Knoll, where the people died, is a prominent hill just south of the town. In 1906, several families moved into the area and took turns "teaching school." In 1914, just two years after Arizona became the 48th state, the area was given an official school district. In the 1930's, the school received a permanent home when the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) abandoned their barracks, administration building, and mess hall. These buildings still stand as a museum to those times. In 1963, the community rallied and built a new school mostly made of adobes. That school building expanded until finally new buildings had to be added to meet demand for more space. In 1986, the district wass "unified": allowing to offer a full education range from kindergarten through senior year of high school. The school was moved to its present site when the Arizona Facilites Board helped build a new K-12 school. The district offers a full range of pre-school, kindergarten, elementarry, middle school, and high school educational opportunities including cutting edge technology and business classes as well as sports and an outstandin science program. Streching to the Grand Canyon on the south, the district nestles in the shadow of some of the most spectacular scenery in Arizona.