Colorado Native Christmas Trees

Colorado Native Christmas Trees
7483 Arapahoe Road


Colorado Native Xmas began 26 yrs ago , when Bryan and Tony Smith started following loggers around the forest's of Colorado. They cleaned up after the logging operations, salvaging the tops of trees and the leftover debris for Xmas trees!

We have worked with USFS, BLM, CSFS, Counties, cities, private owners and land managers! These trees would otherwise get piled up and chipped or burned, and we hate to see them go to waste! Tony states,
"I am the King of Charlie Brown Christmas Trees!" and "these trees have so much more character than the genetically cloned trees."

For every tree that is purchased, you are in a small way helping to thin and improve the health of the Rocky Mountain forests! We have always believed in utilizing the products out of "our" forests.

So try one of our Charlie Brown Colorado Native Style Xmas Tree and you will see what we mean by a tree with real character! You are helping to improve the health of our forests!