Columbia College

14241 East 4th Avenue

History:Established in Denver in 1975, the campus moved to Aurora in 1979 after enrollments outpaced available space. In the early years, the campus served active duty military personnel at Lowry Air Force Base and Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, plus retired military and corporate students from major companies in the area.
Today, it continues to serve adult learners in the Denver area.
Columbia College-Aurora is part of the college's extended network of more than 30 Nationwide Campuses across the country, including 15 on military bases.
Degree programs at the extended campuses vary. However, no matter which degree you pursue or which campus you attend, degree programs meet the same accreditation standards as degree programs from the main campus in Columbia, Mo., as well as meet requirements set by the respective state education departments.
Columbia College was founded in 1851 in Columbia, Mo., as Christian Female College, the first women's college west of the Mississippi River to be chartered by state legislature. In 1970, the college was renamed Columbia College when it opened its doors to men and women. In 1973, the college began educating adult learners. Today, the college serves nearly 25,000 students nationwide each year.