Community Advocates for Family & Youth, Inc.

P. O. Box 4419

Incorporated in 2004 as a 501© (3) non-profit organization, Community Advocates for Family & Youth (CAFY) is a unique victim assistance agency in Prince George’s County. CAFY’s mission is “To educate, empower and embrace victims as they speak truth on their journey to justice.”

Since its inception, in 2003, the agency’s foundation has been based on the following core beliefs:

  • Early interaction and outreach to victims of crime and violence encourages them to take action and meets an immediate need. 
  • Crime must be viewed as a public health issue that requires education of the community in order to make an impact and to give a voice to victims. 
  • Continued support to victims of crime offers validation to help victims speak the truth and make an impact by holding offenders accountable

Based on these core beliefs, CAFY offers critical services to victims and witnesses of crime and provides community education and outreach programs to all citizens of Prince George’s County.

CAFY’s victim services program provides support services to adult, child and elderly victims of crime from the initial investigation to courtroom testimonies and sentencing.

CAFY is the only organization in Maryland selected by the National Crime Prevention Council to establish a teen victim awareness program. The program is supported by CAFY's Teen Advocate Group - Teens Against Assault, Violence & Abuse (TAVA). Supported by teens for teens, TAVA’s mission is to educate and uplift teen spirits to promote a stronger self-evaluation after victimization.