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Community Bible Church Of Northern Westchester

301 Chadeayne Road


We are seeking to be transformed by God for love and mission in a changing world.

We believe that individually and as a community, God is always seeking to grow us into a people who embody what it means to be fully human, more like His Son Jesus.

In today's world, we believe that this involves being less like an institution and more like an extended family on God's mission together.

Loving relationships are key to who CBC is seeking to become. Jesus models for us what an ideal human life looks like.

Jesus' life flowed from an intimate and trusting relationship with God (UP); his life was passionately focused on serving and loving the world (OUT); and he chose to live his life and pursue his mission in community with others (IN).

Likewise, we are seeking to know and love God more (UP), to grow closer together as a community (IN), and to reach out together with Christ's love more intentionally and effectively (OUT).