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Community High School

235 Old U.S. 70

Mission Statement:
Our mission at Community High School is to provide youth with the opportunity to receive an education in a traditional but modified school environment.  Our objective is to meet the individual needs of our students through a relevant curriculum and guidance, and to provide meaningful opportunities for success in school and in the community.

Belief Statement:
We believe that we achieve success through high expectations fostered by the Expeditionary Learning-Outward Bound (ELOB) Design Principles:
The Primacy of Self-Discovery.
The Having of Wonderful Ideas.
Responsibility for Learning.
Intimacy and Caring.
Success and Failure.
Collaboration and Competition.
Diversity and Inclusivity.
The Natural World.
Solitude and Reflection.
Service and Compassion.

Vision Statement:
Achieving Success through High Expectations.