Concordia Lutheran Church

267 East Oxford Street

What We Believe:
We believe that God is love and that He loves us so much that He came, in Jesus Christ, to put us back into a right relationship with Him. Everyone who has faith in Jesus as the Savior from sin will live with Him forever in heaven. We believe that God is a living God who created all things and still takes care of them.

We believe that the balance and beauty of God's creation was terribly damaged by sin and rebellion against His will. This broken condition is the reason for all the mess in the world today. We also believe that God doesn't want things to stay that way forever; and that God will restore things in Jesus Christ.

We believe that all people need to know God's love in Jesus Christ to get to heaven; for all have sinned and come short of God's standard of perfect obedience to His will.

We believe that life with God is a gift from God. We can never do enough good things to earn our way into heaven; but God loves us so much that Jesus died and rose to forgive our sins and make us His.

We believe that God changes people's lives; that He can overcome our past and our problems; that He can heal our hurts and our brokenness; that He can give us a new start, so that we can start to live better lives.

We believe that everything in the Bible is God's Word. The Bible tells us who God is and what he has done for us. The Bible is useful for teaching and helping people and correcting them and showing them how to live.