Concordia Lutheran Church

216 5th Avenue Southeast

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to glorify God as we Edify, Equip and Enlarge the Kingdom of Believers in Christ.


Concordia Lutheran Church had its beginnings with the old Concordia College which was founded in Conover in 1877. No doubt worship services were held from the beginning in the assembly hall of the college, but Concordia Congregation was not officially in existence until it was accepted into the Tennessee Synod in September 1878. the congregation probably has less than one hundred members at that time.

R.A. Yoder, who was a professor at Concordia College, was the founding pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church. By 1892 the congregation had one hundred six members.

In 1894 Concordia Congregation took over the operation and support of grades one through seven from the college. That was the beginning of Concordia Christian Day School. Grades eight through two years of college were continued at Concordia College. Concordia Christian Day School was "postponed" in 1933 due to the effects of the depression, after having been in operation for 56 years. It reopened in 1946, and once again offers a Christian education to the children of Concordia and the surrounding community. The college closed in 1935 when fire destroyed the building. It never reopened.