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Connwood Foresters, Inc.

Connwood Foresters, Inc.
39 Cherry Hill Road

About Us:

Connwood Foresters, Inc. is the oldest forestry consulting firm in Connecticut, and one of the oldest businesses of its kind in the nation. We have provided professional forestry consulting in CT, MA, NY, RI, and NJ to landowners for over 60 years. We are a forest owner's cooperative proud to represent forest landowners' best interests. We service over 30,000 acres of forest for private landowners, municipalities, non-profits, land trusts, corporations, clubs, and water companies.

Connwood provides an organized and effective approach for the long-term protection and use of forest resources. Our forest services are designed to meet landowner objectives, while protecting the sustainability, productivity, and ecology of the forest resource. We provide services in an efficient and cost effective manner while meeting the varied and multiple management goals of our clients.

Christmas Tree Hours:

Open weekends 10:00 am - 4:30 pm weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas