Cooper B. Hatch Family School

1875 Park Boulevard

The mission of the Cooper B. Hatch School, in partnership with parents and the community, is to emphasize academic achievement and promote overall growth and development of each child. Students will become a productive, well-adjusted, lifelong learner who will be empowered to shape their future using knowledge and skills developed in a positive and secure school environment.

Philosophy of Education

We believe that all youth should be motivated, taught, trained, directed and developed toward their fullest a potential to be productive and responsible citizens in a democratic society.

In order to accomplish this aim, we should motivate youth to acquire certain fundamental powers. First, we believe they should be taught a common core of knowledge, along with skills, concepts and processes, since these are basic for problem solving and understanding both now and in the future. Second, we should train our pupils in the process of thinking, since thinking is a requisite for beneficial social, political and spiritual behavior. Third, we should develop in youth the power to learn by doing since active participation and experiences are essential elements of learning. Fourth, we believe we should direct our pupils to a sense of their community, their country, and humanity regarding the spiritual, moral and esthetic values of life.

Therefore, we conclude that our responsibility is to develop the whole child toward his/her full potential to become a citizen capable of participation wisely and justly within the frame work of a democratic culture.