Countryside Citrus Corn Maze

Countryside Citrus Corn Maze
6325 81st Street

Our Story:

We are growers, harvesters and shippers of citrus in the legendary Indian River region in Florida. Many things have changed in the farming business since we began. Once there was a family-run grove stand every few miles, and many people in the county were farmers.

Today, there are less than a handful of grove stands in our county. Groves are increasingly sold to grow new houses instead. Family farms are absorbed into out-of-state corporations. These are the facts of a global economy.

Countryside Citrus is different. We are still a family farm. Generations work together to nurture, harvest and ship our fruit to you. Our loyal employees take pride in the continued growth of our company and work very hard to bring you the very best product.

Our sister company, Lane Southern Orchards, has planted a corn maze since 2008. So in 2013 we decided to plant our first one, the only corn maze on the Treasure Coast!

Come and visit our groves, corn maze and shops in Vero Beach, Florida, where you'll see for yourself the results of the love and passion that make us the proud keepers of the grand tradition that is the family farm.