Cracker Fly-In


EAA611 operates the Cracker Fly-In.  

2019 will be the 50th Cracker Fly-In and we hope to host the largest Fly-In in Gainesville.  Over the years, EAA611 has only had to cancel a few Cracker Fly-In’s due to bad weather.  We do all we can to put on a great event for the community but we have no control over mother nature.  

​The Cracker Fly-In was created by the Antique Aircraft Association based in Atlanta GA.  The event was created for their club back in the 60’s and was a multi day event including a formal ball.  This event was closed to the public and was only for the AAA members.  There is much debate over where the name of the event came from.  Some say that it was always held on the 4th of July and was named after the fireworks events that happen the evening of the 4th.  Some say it was named in conjunction with Atlanta sports teams like the Atlanta Crackers.  

In 1978, EAA611 joined AAA and soon took over the Cracker Fly-In, opening the event to the public.  AAA no longer exists, but the Cracker Fly-In is very much alive.  Our goal is to share our passion of aviation with the community and welcome everyone, young and old to come look at planes, helicopters, cars and more.  We typically offer rides of many types for sale to those excited to take to the skies.  We hope you enjoy the Cracker Fly-In and take home memories.