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Cranberry Public Library

2525 Rochester Road, Suite 300

Mission of the Cranberry Public Library

To bring delight to the spirit of our community and region by serving as the destination for exploration, enrichment, information, creativity, collaboration, inspiration, and discovery. 

We believe that:

  • Our library is essential to the quality of life in our community and critical to a democratic society.

  • Our library serves as a great equalizer by providing access to the open exchange of information and fostering an informed and literate community.

  • Our library inspires the imagination!

  • Our library is respectful of diverse opinions.

  • Our library provides opportunities to grow, develop and contribute.

  • Our library is a place to meet, exchange ideas, learn, share, discover and spend time with family and neighbors.

  • All people have the right to privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual freedom.

  • Access to resources is not limited by the Library's physical walls.