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Croissant Park Elementary School

1800 Southwest Fourth Avenue

croissant Park's mission statement reflects our beliefs :

The mission of the staff and community of Croissant Park Elementary is to provide a safe, success-oriented environment for each of our students. A creative, caring atmosphere produces thinking, responsible and motivated students. In such an environment, students develop the self-confidence which allows them to reach their full potential as productive citizens in our society. In such an environment, excellence in teaching is evidenced and lifelong learning is promoted.

Belief statements for Croissant Park:

We believe that every student is entitled to an equal educational opportunity. It is the student, home, school and community's responsibility to enable students to succeed.

We believe that educational decisions should be based on the needs of our diverse population.

We believe that it is our responsibility to set high expectations for student achievement and success.

We believe we must promote a tone of decency throughout the school. Every student, staff member, parent and collaborative partner will be treated with respect and dignity.