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Cross International

600 South West Third Street, Suite 2201


We seek to reflect God's love for us in the way we treat others - not only with words of encouragement, but through practical actions which comfort, sustain and uplift those in greatest need.

The Scriptures clearly reveal this call to action, and its truth will be our guide

As believers in Christ's Gospel of mercy, we strive to bring God's promised salvation to men and women of every race, creed and walk of life. Jesus also taught that the needy are rich in faith - a gift which can bless the poor in spirit. Therefore, we seek to create an exchange of both material and spiritual sustenance between the Church in America and churches in developing countries.

In all things, we strive to glorify God, revealing His perfect grace to the world.


In recognition that poverty ravages many areas of the world - victimizing families, children and the elderly, we dedicate ourselves to a ministry of relief and development to aid the poorest of the poor.

Wherever possible, our work is not to sustain the needy, but rather to break the cycle of poverty that plagues them. By providing educational opportunities and by focusing on community development, we strive to make impoverished individuals and villages self-supporting.

Rather than create new institutions to distribute aid, we will first seek to help existing ministries and churches already serving the poor. In addition to being the most cost-effective way of helping the poor, empowering these ministries allows us to support the Church's spiritual mission and its important position of leadership in poor communities.

Through prayer, and in a spirit of obedience, we submit our work to God, seeking His inspiration and leading in everything we do.