Crossroad Band

Crossroad performs with a very unique sound that is known to get the crowd generated to both worship and jam along with their playing; yet while playing the Spirit moves people into the realm of having an intimate time with our Lord.

James Barber has the God-given talent to write songs and the music for the band that speaks to all hearts both young and old. This is the music we have taken to places and have been honored to see how God can speak into the hearts that seek Him. As James has said: "Whether in leading worship, performing a concert, or speaking at an event, I love to help bridge the chasm for people between attending and participating. The goal is to get people past singing songs and to begin to communicate their own message to God in worship.". And this is what we all strive for with every event.

Crossroad has versatility as a sound and plays songs that are recognized from famous artists as well.

Events and venues this year have been with:

Heavens Saints Motorcycle in Waterford, Youth Revelation X'plosion in Gladwin, Journeys Coffee House in Midland, and Midland Fairgrounds/Relay for Life in Midland.