Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce

301 2nd Avenue South West

About The Chamber:

The Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest membership driven business organizations in the state for a community of our size. In the early years, Cullman was a small agricultural town that was struggling to generate revenue and grow despite the after effects of the Great Depression and the onset of World War II. Under the leadership of the first Chamber President, Raymond Yost, and several prominent businessmen, the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1943.

This group worked together to promote the community and became a driving force for business and industry.The Chamber of Commerce has taken an active role in the continuing effort of ensuring that the Cullman area remains a wonderful community, teeming with growth, economic stability, and a modern way of life.It is through the support of area businesses, community leaders and volunteers that this goal is being realized.

Our committees, activities, and programs create a unique environment that encourages both networking and community involvement. For over 60 years area leaders have been utilizing the Chamber of Commerce as a base of strength. The Chamber staff and volunteers continue to build on that strength, thus sustaining a sound economy for the Cullman area.