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1429 Park Street

Nathan A. Nunez, Owner & Co-Creator, &  Joey Marsocci, Co-Creator & Creative Director, have created an innovative company that fuses together the most unlikely of worlds to create unforgettable experiences. We do this by creating immersive, extraordinary shopping experiences that are rooted in reality and blur the lines between imagination and actuality.

Curioporium's mission is to inspire people to think more deeply about the world around them so they may be able to better understand themselves and others - both human and non-human. We strive for our work to not only entertain but also to educate our audience members by opening their minds to a wider world of wonderment that surrounds all of us.

We are fast becoming a destination for people to experience the strange and unusual. As we expand we will bring new experiences and events for those wishing to peek behind the veil.

Recent News

2022 Curioporium - New England's Premier Haunted Shopping Experience

Curioporium is unlike any shopping you have experienced before! Our Vault of six- immersively themed rooms will take you into the world of the Havishams and their legacy. Our curated selection of curiosities, mystic items, the occult, and witchy…

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