D And E Christmas Tree Farm

D And E Christmas Tree Farm
7705 Hannah Road

We are a family run business.  Our children were very young when we started and they have grown up working with Christmas trees.  We began by planting 1200 Virginia Pine seedlings back in 1998.  We soon added Leyland Cypress and eventually Blue Ice and Carolina Sapphire.  We sold our first few trees in 2001.  Business grew a little better each year and now we are getting second generation customers.

I don't think we realized how labor intensive growing Christmas trees can be.  We plant more trees in January to replace the ones we sold.  During Spring and Summer months there is always mowing that needs to be done.  Just as the mowing season is coming to an end it is time to prune the trees.  We usually start pruning in October and finish just before Thanksgiving Day.

Open from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve.