Daniel Christmas Tree Farm

Daniel Christmas Tree Farm
1711 NC 55 E


Dorsey Daniel was tired of cows. He worked at NC State University in Raleigh and couldn't just come home every time a cow got out. He reasoned that trees don't break down fences and get in the road. "They stay where you put them".

We have been in the Christmas tree business ever since that reasoning. This is a family owned and operated business and we really enjoy providing beautiful and affordable trees to your family to celebrate this Holy time.

Our Family Tradition Continues

We are a family farm. We couldn't do this without Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews and Cousins.

Everyone you see here are our family by blood or marriage carrying on the farming traditions the Daniel family has been doing here since the 1940's.

The face of our farm has changed from row crops like tobacco, cotton and soybeans to Christmas trees. Come out and meet the family!