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Daring Drake Farm

Daring Drake Farm
3046 County Route 138

About Us:

Daring Drake Farm is a family operated fruit farm with a flock of ducks free ranging through the orchard. We currently maintain 5 acres of diverse fruit at our home farm and we have been planting another seven acres of perrenial fruit at our second parcel on County Road 138 in Ovid. We began planting a u-pick orchard and additional cider and perry fruit in the spring of 2011 and 2012. We use only approved organic measures for orchard management. This means we put in many long hours of hand labor to ensure weeds are kept down and pests/diseases are held at bay.

We began planting in spring of 2003, starting with apple and pear trees. Gradually we began planting gooseberries, currants, raspberries, cherries, plums, seaberries, peaches, hazelnuts and an assortment of interesting berries. We look towards the Japanese tradition of planting a diverse mix of species on a small amount of land managed intensely.  We are working with a range of trellising and training systems for both tree fruit and small fruit to maximize yield and quality, while keeping plants and soil healthy. Within our orchard a large flock of ducks along with Machu and Picchu, our Tufted Buff Geese, are responsible for pest management. They are an integral part of our system as they provide fertilizer for our plants and they maintain their upkeep through the sale of their delicious, high-quality eggs.