Delaware County Chamber Of Commerce

1001 Baltimore Pike, Ste. 9LL


The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce has a long, rich history in the county, which started back in 1887, when the Chamber was then known as the Board of Trade of Chester and the Vicinity.

The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce was chartered in June of 1930, though we have literature indicating that an organization was in existence as early as 1927.

Two other organizations which came into existence during this period were the Chester Chamber of Commerce and the Chester Businessmen’s Association. The Chester Chamber of Commerce was never known to have officers, board of directors or bylaws.

Today the Chamber represents over 3,000 members and is known as a regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has been recognized twice as Chamber of Commerce of the Year and carries one of the highest percentages of new members joining and current members renewing as compared to other Chamber across the country. The Chamber has also been recognized nationally for publications such as the Life In Delaware County Magazine.

Available records do not cover the officers of preceding organizations. The ceremonial charters from some of the aforementioned associations are on display in the Chamber Board Room at 602 East Baltimore Pike in Media.


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We absolutely LOVE being part of The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. We live here. We work here. We are here for you. The best way to grow your business in DELCO! #KeepingUpWithTheKerezsis

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