Dell Childrens Medical Center Of Central Texas

4900 Mueller Boulevard

Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas will be a center of excellence for Central Texas consisting of a strong alliance of expert personnel, facilities and other specialty resources dedicated to the care of children and adolescents within a forty-six (46) county referral region. We believe no child should be refused necessary care and attention for lack of ability to pay.

Dell Children's acknowledges its responsibility as a leader in the delivery of pediatric care. We believe that central to this responsibility is the need to view care as both family centered and family oriented.

Dell Children's believes the consolidation of pediatric care in one regional referral center is essential to the development of high quality, cost-effective programs. Such consolidation is vital for the development and maintenance of professional skills of our physicians, nurses and allied medical personnel.

Dell Children's will be a leader in the development of partnerships with other organizations that share our mission and vision.

Dell Children's believes the provision of pediatric health care must be combined with educational activities that are synergistic with the provision of care and meet community needs.

Dell Children's believes that improving the quality of life and health of children requires the prudent application of resources, as well as the support of the Central Texas community.