Democratic Party of Union Co

2074 Eagle Drive

We are proud to be a part of the Democratic Party. A party that had its beginnings in 1792 with Thomas Jefferson as he established the Party of the Common Man. The common man, the working person, the individual citizen has been and is the heart of our party. The right of all people to equality under the law is the theme and goal of our policies. That basic belief has been promoted throughout our existence as a political party, and is the reason we are still here promoting and defending our government - of the people, by the people, and for the people. The Democratic Party has a rich and proud history, and one to remember as we go forward.

While we are proud of our history, we are most concerned with our present and future. It is our goal to do everything we can by working with all our neighbors and elected officials to make this county the very best it can be - for all our citizens. In addition, we also work with others throughout north Georgia and the state for the benefit of our state and nation.

We solicit your involvement with us. There is much to do and a place for everyone. Some are more comfortable in the middle of things and others on the edges and in the background. It takes everyone. If you have a desire, we will do our best to find a place that will give you a chance to contribute as you find best for you.

There are official members of the Union County Democratic Committee in order to make basic plans for the operation of the party. However, everyone with an interest is welcome at and invited to the meetings and special events. Please come out and join us.