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Difficult Run

Difficult Run
Old Dominion Dr

Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail - 10 Leigh Mill Road to Potomac River Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail - 9 Dulles Access/Toll Road to Browns Mill Road Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail - 7 OakMarr Park to Lawyers Road

Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail is part of the countywide trail plan. It is also a component of the Cross County Trail which stretches across the county from south to north. It links to Accotink Stream Valley and Pohick Stream Valley through the Laurel Hill Greenway to the Occoquan River in the south and continues to the north to the Potomac River at Great Falls Park. This section of the CCT runs from Leigh Mill Road to the Potomac River, a distance of approximately 2.5 miles. Mile markers as shown on the map are approximate. Access points for the trail are at Leigh Mill Road and from the Georgetown Pike parking lot, as well as from the Ridge Trail in Great Falls Park, as shown on the map.The trail in this section is natural surface within the Park Authority land south of Georgetown Pike, with some stone improvements on the north side of the road on the National Park Service property.