Donnelly Creek State Recreational Site

Donnelly Creek State Recreational Site
238 Richardson Highway

Donnelly Creek State Recreational Site is located on the braided Delta River, and is one of the state's most scenic campgrounds with views of some of the tallest peaks of the Alaska Range. There is also a great opportunity here to examine alpine plant life. This secluded wilderness campground is seldom crowded and has 12 campsites, toilets, and water.

A variety of wildlife inhabit the area around Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site. Moose, bear, porcupines, beavers, and snowshoe hares are fairly common, as are many species of birds. Upon occasion, caribou are sighted browsing in the area. The Delta bison herd can often be seen across the Delta River on their summer calving grounds.

- ADA Faciliy - No
- 46 Acres
- 12 Campsites
- No RV size limit
- Camping Limit - 15 days
- Toilets
- Water
- Picnic sites
- Picnic shelters

- Camping
- Fishing
- Day Use