Dr. Davies Farm

Dr. Davies Farm
306 Route 304


The Davies Farmhouse was built in 1836. It was part of a 450-acre farm that ran from Rockland Lake to the Hudson River.

1886: Dr. Lucy Virginia Meriwether graduated from New York's Woman's Medical College. She was one of the first female doctors in the U.S. Dr. Lucy Meriwether was related to Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition team. Lide Meriwether, Lucy's mother, was a well-known southern suffragist who was a friend of Susan B. Anthony and Lucy Stone, and was instrumental in the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920.

1891: Arthur B. Davies and Dr. Lucy Meriwether married and purchased what is now the Davies home farm for $6,500.00. It consisted of 38 acres, a two-story farmhouse and a barn. The farmhouse was built in 1836 and is of the early frontier federalist style. It has many similarities to President Monroe's, Ash Lawn home in Charlottesville, Virginia. Arthur B. Davies was a well-known artist and a member of the famous "Eight." He was president of the American Artists and Sculptors that orchestrated the Armory Show of 1913, which introduced impressionists Picasso, Rodin, Degas, Matisse and Marcel Duchamp to America. The Nude Descending a Staircase was first shown here. In 1998, the book The Lives, Loves and Art of Arthur B. Davies was written by Bennard B. Perlman.

Today we farm about 70 acres. We have 4,000 apple trees, 35 acres of vegetables and 2 farm stands. We press cider several times a week, and offer hayrides during the apple-picking season.