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East Hanover Elementary School

1098 Schoolhouse Road

East Hanover Elementary School is located in the northeastern end of the Lower Dauphin School District along the border with Lebanon County. Our school is located in a beautiful rural setting with some housing developments scattered throughout the township. Our township continues to grow, however, our population of students has remained fairly constant with about 380 students. The East Hanover faculty and staff strive to maintain close, personal relationships with all of our students and parents.   Visitors to the school have often told me that they "feel" the warmth and caring attitude of the teachers and staff. This is carried through to our students as they have been a part of many projects to demonstrate these same qualities - i.e. collecting items for a school hit by Hurricane Katrina, Jump Rope for Heart, Bake Sales at lunch for the Humane Society, Food Drives for the local food bank, and the list goes on and on.

There are three classes of all grades, except in second grade where there are four classes. The class sizes range between 18 - 24 depending on the grade level.At East Hanover we also have a very strong Parent Teacher Organization which supports our school's students and educational mission in a number of ways. Recently the PTO funded the building of a pavilion on our playground and are planning to put picnic tables there. The PTO funds the transportation costs for field trips, assemblies, the assignment books for the students in grades 2 - 5, and many other miscellaneous purchases for the school and students.