Eastern University

1300 Eagle Road

Mission Statement
Eastern University is a Christian university dedicated through teaching and learning, scholarship, service, spiritual formation, student development and stewardship to the preparation of undergraduate, theological and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership and service.  Achievement of that mission requires that the university manage effectively and justly the resources with which it is entrusted and that students

- appropriate and give witness to a Christian world view – through action and voice;
- advance critical thinking, reflection, analysis and communication skills;
- develop intellectual curiosity, passion and agility;
- demonstrate knowledge and competencies in the arts, sciences and professions;
- assume responsibility for justice – especially social, political and economic justice;
- assume responsibility for godly stewardship of all resources;
- discern the ethical consequences of decisions and actions;
- experience genuine Christian community and commitment in a formative environment;
- participate in opportunities for meaningful service; and
- grow in love of God and neighbors.

The mission is confirmed and celebrated when graduates believe their way into knowledgeable action that influences their world in substantive ways.

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