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El Cerrito High School

540 Ashbury Avenue


ECHS is a supportive academic community dedicated to helping all students develop pride, perseverance, and purpose in order to realize their collective and individual potential.


El Cerrito High School is committed to providing a rigorous, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students. Our students, staff, and community will work collaboratively so that students will become independent learners who are problem solvers, forward thinkers, effective communicators, and selfdirected citizens.


ECHS is composed of two main buildings. The first, which is facing Ashbury, contains rooms 100-300. The second main building is facing Eureka, and it is known as the west wing. That building contains rooms 400-600. The rest of the rooms (700s, 800s) are scattered around the school in forms of portables or smaller buildings. The 700s are mostly used for shop classes or art classes, and are located around the cafeteria. 800s are all over the school in the form of portables.

During lunch, there are 3 main areas to get food. One is the cafeteria, second is the underground, and third is the taco bell, which is connected to the cafeteria. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we have fried rice or chow mein, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have pizza.