Eldorado-Emerson School

4100 East Walnut Avenue

About Us:

Eldorado-Emerson is a non-profit private school located in the heart of Orange County. For over 45 years, the school has been dedicated to excellence in education, offering preschool through 12th grade classes with an average class size of around 10-12 students.

Eldorado-Emerson strives to create strong and balanced minds of students through an equal emphasis on "core" subjects such as math and science and "non-core" subjects such as the arts, music, and foreign languages. In addition, an atmosphere of cooperation is encouraged at every level. The first rule of Eldorado is to "take care of everything and everybody."


At Eldorado-Emerson, we seek to be a learning community that supports the special needs of all our students, honoring their unique set of learning and developmental characteristics. We want to promote each student’s maximum potential in a culture founded on relationship and respect, providing students with educational, social, and artistic opportunities to develop into lifelong learners who value both intelligence and imagination.

The first rule is to “take care of everything and everybody.” Students of all races, creeds, cultures, ethnicity, and religious beliefs are invited to participate and interact in this supporting environment. This vision is shared by a dedicated, experienced group of educators and support staff as well as an involved parent community -- all working together to foster literate, lifelong learners who can function effectively and contribute to a diverse, technological, and ever-changing society.


Christy Zhao

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
I graduated from this school in 2015. It is a small school, easy to get known of everyone. ESL teacher and math teacher are nice, willing to help you solve problems. I receive incredible homestay care from Mr Whipple, and my math teacher helps me a lot which gives me a motive to become a math major.

Abigail Escobedo

Monday, April 9, 2018
This is the best school ever!

Joe Mur

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
My son has attended school here for 3 years, I am very happy with the school. Small class sizes (5-9 students). Caring staff, they have addressed any and all issues that have come up. It feels like you and your kids are family. I saw the negative review and It saddens me that she had such a bad experience. It is hard to believe that anyone could be wronged by Emerson. The only negative thing that can I can say is that the prices are way to high. Then again.... you do get what you pay for.

Debbie Hanvey

Sunday, March 8, 2015
My grandson loves Eldorado Emerson. We moved to this school and asked for him to repeat 3rd grade because he was struggling academically and in his behavior in public school. It took a couple of months to adjust to the smaller class size and the difference in how the school is run but he doesn't ever want to go back to his old school. He has progressed so much. His behavior has changed and he rarely has an outburst. In his second month of attending, his teacher recommended that he be tested. We did and found where he really needed help to continue to progress at a rate appropriate for his age. I am very glad his teacher suggested the testing. I love all the positive energy and kind words for my grandson from his various teachers. We are very happy to be at Eldorado Emerson

Krista Berenyi

Friday, Dec. 23, 2016
We have been with the school for 9 years when my older daughter started preschool. She is now in 6th grade and my younger one started in preschool as well and she is now in 5th grade. Incredible school. Spanish, music and reading programs start in preschool. Both my daughters were reading at the age of 3. The school has a unique reading program designed by the founder of the school, Dr. Ludwick, which has helped thousands of children learn to read over the past 60 years. They are becoming a great STEAM school which transition started a couple of years ago. They have an incredible staff; teachers are experts in their fields. My 6th grader is taking robotics with an incredible teacher whose expertise lie in programming. My 5th grader is taking violin with an awesome teacher who has an Irish band on the side and whose enthusiasm for music and children is limitless. (He is the resident Santa as well during the holidays:) They have an engineering program, a computer science program, an art studio with artists, choirs and orchestras, a beautiful lush garden with a pond and bridge right in the middle of the school, etc... There is not enough space to describe the magic that is being created every day at this school and children who do not want to leave at the end of the day and who get up happy every day to get to school. They welcome your family and you feel right at home. The school's motto is "to take care of everyone and everything". They have a 100% college (!) graduation rate. The school is K-12. Go see it.