Ellenwood Academy

123 W. Bloomingdale Ave, Suite 421

Ellenwood Academy takes pride in being one of the fastest growing education and learning schools in the country. Our mission is to help individuals reach their short and long term academic goals by providing opportunities to enhance their professional skills and marketability. Ellenwood Academy is nationally accredited and committed to providing an accelerated method of learning, giving our students the ability to transition into today's competitive marketplace sooner. We offer numerous programs suited for people in every walk of life. Whether you need to complete your high school diploma, step into a new field, or need continuing education for advancement in your current career, Ellenwood Academy has a program geared toward your needs. In addition to our nationally accredited high school completion program we have convenient online courses for the busy working adult. Ultimately, our aim is to provide our students with accomplishments that they will forever be proud of.