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Elmhurst Park District

375 W 1st Street

Mission Statement

Mission: Lifetime Enjoyment
The Elmhurst Park District exists to provide opportunities for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, particularly those opportunities that people cannot supply for themselves.

Personal Benefits: Provide benefits which can enhance the enjoyment, health, or self-esteem of an individual.
- Create opportunities for everyone for fun, play, entertainment and socialization by providing fair and balanced facilities and activities.
- Teach skills for, and encourage, wide and varied use of leisure time.
- Facilitate each person's health and fitness.
- Kindle each person's self-esteem through recreation.

Community Benefits: Provide social or community benefits which protect and improve the physical environment and the social environment.
- Protect and improve the natural environment.
- Create beauty wherever possible
- Influence urban form and the built environment.
- Develop our parks and programs to be a source of, and foundation for, community pride.
- Build strong families and strong communities.