Emmanuel Lutheran Church

1006 North 2nd Street


Groton Scandinavia Evangelical Lutheran Church was formally organized on December 21, 1907. One year later a constitution was adopted and the fifteen charter members signed their names to this document. In January 1908 the Ladies Aid was organized with nine charter members. A Luther League was organized early in the history of this congregation.

There were some difficult years with occasional worship services and other meetings held in homes or at the German Lutheran Church. In 1916 there were ten families who were members of the congregation. In 1920 a building committee was appointed. In 1924 or 1925 the ladies were given the privilege of voting in the congregation’s business meeting, a new constitution was adopted and the name of the congregation was changed on Feb. 25, 1925 to First English Evangelical Lutheran Church.

In the fall of 1928, the congregation purchased property for a new church. At this time the congregation still numbered fewer than twenty families but when the church building was finished the debt was only $2,797.00. The new church was dedicated on September 8, 1929. During the years, the Ladies Aid had purchased most of the inside furnishing including pews, altar, and baptismal font. The next few years were difficult and the mortgage was paid off in February 1945.

In the years ahead, the program of the church was nurtured, a choir was organized and Trinity Lutheran Church of Houghton became a parish with Groton. In 1948 a parsonage was purchased.

As the congregation grew, a new church was needed. In October 1961 they voted to build a new church and changed the name to Emmanuel Lutheran Church. A new constitution was adapted which was the model prepared for the merger of the American Lutheran Church in 1961. On Palm Sunday, April 7, 1963, the first service was held in our new church.

On August 4 & 5, 2007, Emmanuel celebrated it's 100th anniversary with a worship service, reunion choir, children's choir, catered meal and wonderful fellowship.

From a very humble beginning of a few families it has grown now to some 243 families with a total of 465 baptized members and 349 confirmed. We continue to be dedicated in working together to the Glory of our Lord, as Jesus calls us.