Encore Theatre Company Etc

16331 Lewers Way


Encore Theatre Company seeks to produce performing arts programming of the highest artistic integrity. In fulfilling that mission, Encore aims


 - Provide opportunities for entertainers, designers, technicians, and directors that furthers their experience and training in the art of theatre and performance.
 - Honor theatrical arts and its disciplines by sharing with the community and remaining true to the craft.


 - Develop partnerships and programs with other businesses, service groups, and arts organizations in the community.
 - Bring together participants from all backgrounds and communities throughout the region to share in the magic of live theatre.
 - Encourage respect, cooperation, collaboration and creativity to each other and the community.


 - Provide an experience by which audiences can learn and grow.
 - Inspire the community to participate in and embrace theatre arts.


Adam beers

Sunday, March 4, 2018