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Engadine United Methodist Church

13970 Park Avenue


The first church services were held in the homes of families living in Engadine area around 1900. In 1910 a Methodist Missionary, Rev. McPritchard, held services in the Presbyterian Church. Soon he moved the church to a building on Main St. which is now being used by the DeWyse Construction Co.

In 1914 a group of 12 families moved to Engadine from Rockville, Ky. Mr Ephriam Elliott brought them here to start the cooperage mill. Most of the people had been baptized Methodist in Ky and wanted to build a church. Mr. Elliott took the responsibility of raising the money for the church; He took pledges form the men  and deducted the money from their wages. Mr. Elliott then contacted Sears and asked them for a donation, indicating that many of the families bought from their catalog. Sears donated enough paint for the first coat on the new church.

The church was completed and dedicated on January 24, 1915. The dedication sermon was given by District Superintendent, Reverend J. Dystant, Ph.D. This church was to be known as the Elsigood Memorial Episcopal Church as requested by the Board of Home Missions & Church Extension. Reverend H. Bennett was the first pastor of the new church.

The Ladies Aid Society was soon organized & took an active part in the welfare of the church. In 1940, capitalize Women's Society of Christian Service took the place of the Ladies Aid Society. All Methodist churches throughout the country made the same change.

In 1959 they decided that a new addition was needed. With $103.00 in the building fund, they put in a 20'X40' foundation. The Iabor and materials were donated. The addition provided a fellowship hall, kitchen, bathroom and furnace room. The addition was dedicated on July 15,1961 by Bishop Reed, Rev. Gonser, District Superintendent and Rev. Chapko.