Enterprise Branch Library

393 South 200 East

The mission of the Washington County Library System is to work cooperatively with libraries and schools in the county to develop one of the best information systems in the state.

Principles of service:
- Provide open, non-judgemental access to collections and services without regard to race, citizenship, age, educational level, economic status, religion, or any other qualifications or conditions.

- The library is to serve the total community by providing free and open access to the ideas and information available on all subjects and in all formats.

- The library shall select and make available materials for the enlightenment, cultural enrichment and enjoyment of its public of all ages, levels of abilities and interest.

- Advocate and support the First Amendment Rights and the Library Bill of Rights, and protect library materials from censorship.

- Provide collections and services to meet community needs and interests.

- Promote the Utah Library System, and the awareness and use of library resources, services, and programs.

- Develop and maintain working relationships with other libraries and with cultural, educaitional, social, and informational agencies.

- Attract and develop a high-quality staff with special skills, knowledge and abilities to help library users. Create an environment which motivates staff to achieve high levels of performance and productivity.

- Exercise prudence in the utilization of human, financial, and physical resources.

- Utilize appropriate technologies to maintain and improve library operations and services.

- Provide and maintain appropriate facilities.

Mission Statement: Washington County Library:
The mission of the Washington County Library is to make readily available library materials that will meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of all citizens of Washington County. As an information center, advocate of childhood reading development, lender of popular and serious literature, and repository of local written history, the Washington County Library is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Washington County.