Escape Room 831

599 Lighthouse Ave

Imagine being closed in a room with a half a dozen other people and you're given just one hour to figure out through clues, codes and suggestions scattered throughout the room to solve a murder. 
Change the scenario to a bank heist, a murder mystery, a jewel caper, a prison, pirate ship, a space station, and much more, and you have one of the hottest trends in interactive or immersive entertainment Escape Rooms. 
They're based on escape-the-room video and online games, as if the classic board game "Clue" became a live-action game you play with others in real locations. And now Monterey has its own version Exodus Escape Room on Cannery Row and Escape Room 831 on Lighthouse Avenue founded by entrepreneurs Christina and Barrie Riddoch of Monterey. 
If you're looking to spice up a birthday and to experience a 'new' kind of fun, check out our Escape Room in Monterey (and ask about exodus escape room in Monterey, CA). Come join us to find out what all the buzz is about and you won't be disappointed!