Espanola Public School District 55

714 Calle Don Diego

The mission of the Española Public Schools is to provide and continuously improve a quality education for all students in a safe environment by implementing an educational program that ensures students are prepared to meet educational and life-long challenges.

Centuries before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, Pueblo Indians called this region home. A few decades before the Pilgrims landed, the first Spanish settlers carved out a community near the confluence of the Rio Grande and Rio Chama rivers in the same region. Today, this region is enveloped by the Española Public School District.

Descendants of the early Pueblo Indians and European settlers are among the students who now learn in the classrooms of the Espanola schools. They are joined by the children of others who have been drawn to the area by opportunity, dreams and a spectacular natural environment around which rich history, arts and diverse cultures have flourished. Recognizing there is much more than reading, writing and arithmetic to be taught here, Educators draw upon their extraordinary surroundings to shape lessons for each day.