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Etsch Farms

Etsch Farms
556 Buckelew Avenue

History of Etsch Farms:

In 1931 George Etsch, a vegetable farmer in Queens, moved his family to Monroe Township. He spent a number of years growing vegetables and grains. In 1950 his son, Roy Etsch, graduated from college and came back to the farm to help run the business. Roy also worked as a part-time teacher in the Monroe Township school district and served as the mayor of the town. From the early 50s through the mid-60s, Etsch Farms grew potatoes.

Then, from the mid- to late-60s vegetables, sweet corn, and string beans were harvested and sold. Corn, hay, and straw became the main crops from then on. In 1981 Roy's son, Jim Etsch, graduated from college. He followed along in his father's footsteps and came back to work on the farm. Jim proceeded to open the retail end of the business, selling to the many local horse farms in the area. The first Corn Maze was opened in 2006 in a field next to Jim and his wife Caroline's home. The following year, the Maze was moved up to the main farm.

Today, Jim continues to run the operations of Etsch Farms along with his wife Caroline and their sons, Zachary and Peter.