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We believe volunteers contribute in meaningful ways to our girl's success through strong adult role models.  Volunteers provide the opportunity to change a child's life, offering hope, consistency, and compassion.

Make a difference in a childs life today.  Mentor!

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Cassandra Palmer

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Honestly, Excelsior was a very kind facility. The staff did everything they could in their power to do their jobs and to help the youth. They were not cruel or physical. Yes they would restrain girls, rightfully, but never without good cause or without warning beforehand. Like any adult should, the staff rewarded good behavior and reprimanded bad behavior. This didn’t mean not feeding you, or locking you in a cell. Yes there is a room where you may be separated , but only for the amount of time that you need to cool off, which the longest time I’ve ever witnessed was about two hours. They fed you three times a day, and made sure you ate, especially for people like me who’ve suffered from an eating disorder in the past. You were also given snacks. On the weekends , if you had personal snacks from family such as hot Cheetos, etc. you were able to eat them and watch a movie and play games such as Mario kart. You had therapy meetings and counseling , and had access to a counselor at any time. The staff were also there to help. I was in the Phoenix cottage, which is short term , but I stayed for 3-4 months. They did this because they were not going to place me in an unsafe home or uncomfortable environment, and wanted the best for my well being and health moving forward. Now I’m not saying any of these reviews are false, but my time there was very different, and I enjoyed it, and I’m sorry if anyone had to go through something else. I thank Excelsior for keeping me alive, able to go to college , and now expecting a kid of my own who I’ll protect just as any of the other parents on here will. Excelsior will be missed.

christine michelle

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018
It was the worst place in the world in 1982-1984. My case worker put me in there and they never let me out. I am gay and they didn't want me to be a bad influence on the other girls. They put me on something called "Communications" which restricted me from talking to any of the girls. I was only allowed to talk to the staff. Also I was not allowed to go to school I was in that room "Treatment Learning Center" aka "TLC" for my entire 16th year. It messed me up for many many years to come. I had a hard time communicating in groups. Well into my 30's. My Nick name was "Mouse".

Jamie Cobb

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Traumatic, was there in the 80s. Locked down in TLC 4 months. Still have nightmares! Was there almost 4 years so glad it closed down in Colorado. Don’t send your kids to Washington campus if Colorado is anything like it

Kelly Jeffers

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016
My 10yr old, yes 10 year old is there for trying to kill herself and strangling her brother she's been in and out of facilities, Mount St Vincent was the last and she did awesome there Social Services for Jeffco placed her at excelsior I do not care for this place she's been there for a month and a half and they have not done any trauma therapy with her still I've asked and asked and they still haven't done anything. When I've been able to take my little girl off campus on a pass she begs far me not to make her go back she hates it there the girls are so much older than her and I'm sure it's fine for teenagers but she is 10. I guess we will wait it out

Lisa Peterson

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
My daughter has been there & its a decent facility , they could change a few things but other than that ot helped my daughter & didnt make her 5 month stay horrible