Fairbank Animal Farm

Fairbank Animal Farm
15308 52nd Avenue

About Us:

Fairbank Farm is a family run, working farm in Edmonds, WA. The farm is owned and run by Dave and Janet Fairbank with the help of their 4 children and now 8 grandchildren. It opens to the public for the month of October. On weekdays in October tour guides give tours to registered school groups and on weekends in October the farm opens for the general public.

During the year we raise animals and every spring we plant many pumpkins and vegetables in the garden to be harvested in the fall. We like to plant many types of pumpkins and squash both for people to choose from and to support a diverse growing of plants. We plant almost 100% non GMO crops and use natural fertilizers. During the year we raise and sell a variety of farm animals. We have a small herd of friendly pygmy goats, a good number of pigs, several flocks of ducks, a flock of egg laying chickens, a pony, peacocks, turkeys, Babydoll sheep and more.

Providing a natural farm environment for people to see is important to us. We know many children can grow well into adolescents without ever seeing a pig, for example, first hand or knowing how a squash grows. We first started opening our farm to school groups in 1983 and have never stopped. We hope you have a chance to come by and say hello! Happy harvest!