Faith Church

600 Danbury Road Suite 1

Faith Church began as Bright Clouds Christian Church in the summer of 1983. Out of a desire to teach people the Word of God, a location was sought and a large home at the corner of Main and South Streets in Danbury became a perfect starting location. Bible studies began in September, 1983, and the following January, the church held its first Sunday service with 14 in attendance.

The Family is the building block of the church and society. The family is where Christianity begins. If our Christianity doesn't work here, it doesn't work at all. Our highest goal in life is to live before God, starting in our homes. If we can live the Christian life at home we can certainly live it in the world.

In today's society of independence and self-reliance, the thought of becoming a member of a local church seems unnecessary to a lot of people. Also, many Christians feel that being a member of the Body of Christ is sufficient for them to please God.

Christianity is not a ritualistic religion. Through the finished work of Jesus on the cross we can enjoy an unhindered personal relationship with God Almighty. However, there are some rituals or ceremonies endorsed by the Lord Himself for the purpose of communicating and reminding us of important truths.


esther valdez

Friday, July 13, 2018
Alot of people. Beautiful music a peaceful place

Bob Bachman

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
Excellent! The Best Experience you can have at Church! Check this Place Out!!

Teresa McMahon

Sunday, July 16, 2017
Pastor Frank is an incredible speaker, motivator, interpreter of HIS word. Pastor Frank's sermons are powerful, easy to identify with, and healing. Each time I have brought a guest with me to experience the power of what is happening in this church they have been aww struck. The feedback has been unbelievable. Like myself; they want more of what they heard. My 5 year old daughter loves attending The Velocity children's program. Sunday is one of her favorite days of the week because of her ability to attend the church service. She sings and dances, and is able to share with me the lesson she has learned from her attendance at the weekly service. Overall, every member of this staff from the greeters to the Pastor himself exceeds what one would expect. Welcoming, encouraging, and reassuring. There are not enough words to express what I have experienced from attending services at this church. I encourage every reader to experience it for him/herself. Finally, the music:band/singers are amazing!! Uplifting and whether you can hold a note or not you find yourself signing and instantaneously you are on your feet moving to the music. The church's integration of technology in the service is another highlight of how progressive this church is. Key points, verses and musical lyrics are all conveniently displayed on the large screen for all to see. Its amazing to say the least. God is good 😊!

al coelho

Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017
Awesome Worship Music and Great messages from Pastor Frank Santora...

Matt Mason

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
My family lives an hour away, but we have visited there about 10 times over the last several years. We really love the worship team and song selections, and the practical preaching by the pastors. I've also had the privilege to play with the worship team several times. They are great people who really work hard to create an awesome contemporary worship atmosphere. As a former professional musician myself, I really appreciate that. If we didn't live an hour away, we would most likely make it out home church. Has lots of great programs for our kids too.