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FDP Mold Remediation

55 Main St

Mold is a type of fungus that can grow almost everywhere, as long as there is moisture and ideal temperature levels. The fungus spreads by sending tiny spores floating in the air. These spores can land in any damp area around your home, office, or apartment and start to grow. The most common type of mold in homes is mildew. It starts to grow as tiny and black spots, but it later grows into large colonies. Mold is available in several types, including black mold. That is why we recommend mold testing and mold inspection to figure out the presence and type of mold before we suggest the best remediation method. Mold remediation helps slow or halt mold growth. Our professionals use special equipment to remove toxic spores.

Mold infestation in a residential or commercial building can be overwhelming and costly, especially when you don't take immediate action. Besides the musty smell and unbearable indoor atmosphere, residential or commercial infestation can affect occupants' health. It sets off allergy symptoms and makes you cough, and may even cause asthma, lung infection, irritation, and in extreme cases cancer. Mold can also cause severe structural damage to buildings. We recommend that you consider mold removal and treatment from a professional like us.

Without regular professional mold inspection services, you might not know when mold is lurking in your home or commercial building. Mold is common around windows, in attics and basements, bathtubs, sinks and showers, and near leaky pipes. Mold can also grow on your carpet, floor, furniture, or appliance