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Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School

600 Harlan Avenue

Mission Statement:

“Big Enough To Challenge, Small Enough To Care”

“Ferndale Area School District - Where Children Are Always First”

Vision Statement:

The Ferndale Area School District will strive to provide a safe and nurturing community for excellent teaching and learning where students prepare for a life of continual learning, and acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to solve problems, communicate effectively, and be responsible citizens in a constantly changing environment.

Three guideposts for our vision are:

This is "OUR" house.
Every student, Every day.
Life Ready, Set, Go! (for the Junior-Senior High School)

Shared Values:

We believe that all students can learn.
We expect students to learn the skills, concepts, and values necessary for them to be successful
in both their personal and professional lives.
We ensure the academic success and personal growth of all students through modeling and
instruction by providing individualized opportunities. Children/students are put first.
We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence in our professional practices.
We will promote a caring environment of respect, teamwork, integrity, and accountability.